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Written by Mike Woody   
Wednesday, 04 December 2013 00:00

Having always been drawn to the kitchen, Joanne Blaul decided to make cooking her livelihood and use her talents for the benefit of others. While the guests are filled with her delicious food Blaul’s fulfillment comes from their total satisfaction from her catering business, ‘Perfect Parties‘.  “I like creating memorable moments that people will never forget because everything is perfect, “ Blaul said.

Ten years ago Blaul originally started Perfect Parties as just a catering business, but has since expanded it into party planning by being in charge of  the table set up and other decorations. “People don’t want to have to deal with it so I do it for them,” she said.

All types of celebrations like weddings, business dinners, holiday functions, anniversaries and anything else can be perfected by Blaul’s cooking as she has handled crowds from 20 to 1,000. The intention being that each individual receives complete satisfaction.

Among Blaul’s most popular dishes is chicken Marcella, roast pork with plum sauce and sweet potato soufflé. She particularly enjoys getting creative in adding her own unique touch to whatever is made. “I like the challenge of creating your own special dish. You want to put a mark on it; it’s what makes it yours,” she said.

Beyond taste, Blaul’s food also excels from its appearance as it’s a fact she pays close attention to. “Presentation is sometimes more important than the food itself. It has to be eye catching and appealing to you,” said Blaul.

Her creative side is also used to give old traditional favorites a fresh new look such as mashed potatoes which aren’t as boring when served in a martini glass topped with bacon chips, shredded cheese and a slice of tomato. The appearance causes an interest in having the age old dish. “It’s why they have the chocolate fountains now. Chocolate in just a bowl isn’t pretty, but put it in a fountain and you have a party,” Blaul said.

A single mother of five children; Hayley, Caty, Maggie, Joey and Jack (Cook), Blaul has always enjoyed satisfying their taste buds. In their teens, her children now all help with the decorating and other aspects of the business.

After a divorce she used her passion for food and experience in cooking large quantities to become the Food Service Director for St. Peter’s Catholic School in Huber Heights. She has held the position for 10 years and uses St. Peter’s kitchen to prepare the catering for Perfect Parties. “I like pleasing people and I make sure that everything that’s needed is taken care of,” Blaul said.

The 1994 graduate of Tippecanoe High School will prepare anything that is desired including just all hors doers or a full course meal. “If someone is German and wants a German menu, I can do that too,” she said.

No matter the location of the party whether it is in a home, banquet hall, church or anywhere else Blaul will lend her services. For a Perfect Party that will fill guests with delicious food and total enjoyment contact Joanne Blaul at 216-0431 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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