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Written by Mike Woody   
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 00:00

The chemistry Ronnie & Cindy Mullins possess in their marriage translates onto the dance floor where they are in perfect step with each other. The couple participates in national dance competitions and instructs others in learning the art form at Studio Outback, LLC; 5999 E. State Route 571 in Tipp City.

Earlier this year the Mullins’s finished fourth overall at the Country Dance World Championships, held in Nashville, TN at the Opryland Hotel. They were ranked among the top in a number of categories, including the polka, cha-cha, two-step, night club and the waltz. “We made the podium, which we were very proud of,” said Cindy.

The Mullins’ travel the country for competitions and meet other dances from all over the world. Having the opportunity to meet people from France, Australia and Turkey is one of the aspects of dancing they enjoy most. However, in recent years the social interaction with some dancers has lessened as the level of competition has heightened. “We used to all have dinner together and it was like a party, but now everyone’s after the championship and don’t want to mix with the competition,” said Ronnie.

To keep their skills sharp, the Mullins’ fly in Kristin Geil-Ham, a dance champion, from Colorado to instruct them. The studio, which is ‘Outback’ behind their house, was originally built by Donnie as a place for him and Cindy to practice. It saved them from having to rent a space per hour.

Five years ago the small business was developed when they began giving lessons in the studio. Ronnie helps prepare amateurs for competitions, but private lessons are also offered for all ages and any skill level.  In addition, wedding packages are available for those who need to learn some steps to dance at the reception.

While the Mullins’ enjoy watching their students develop as dancers, Ronnie says that teaching others also helps reinforce their skills. “It’s fun trying to help people understand all that’s involved in dancing and by explaining each movement to them it reminds me of how it should be done.  With the students I have to focus on each step rather than just doing what comes natural.”

Both Ronnie & Cindy have other full-time jobs so the ‘studio’ is more of a hobby than a career. They enjoy the time that dancing allows them to spend with each other, the escape it provides from life’s worries, and also the exercise. “It gives us something that we can do together and it’s a physical activity that keeps us off the couch,” said Cindy.

The Mullins’ didn’t begin dancing themselves until their thirties and are examples that it’s never too late to learn. Any age that’s interested in learning dance can contact Studio Outback at 667-9411.

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