Tipp City Council failed to address any business at its regular meeting Monday, June 5, due to only three of seven council members attending.

Council was scheduled, among other agenda items, to hear a proposal for a railroad overpass study and a proclamation for United Way Day in the community.

Council President Joe Gibson explained the city law director advised that because only three members were available, council could not conduct any business.

Attending were Gibson, Tom Merritt and John Kessler. Those absent were Matt Owen, Carrie Arblaster, Katelyn Berbach and Mayor Pat Hale

Gibson said the council was unable to reach a quorum because of the unexpected death in the family of a council member, vacations and a family medical emergency, he said.

“We apologize for bringing people out here for nothing,” Gibson said.

Council’s next meeting is scheduled June 19. The items on Monday’s unaddressed agenda will appear on that agenda, including a resolution to declare several vehicles owned by the city as surplus property no longer needed for operations. The resolution proposes declaring the property as surplus, allowing the city manager to dispose the vehicle in the most cost-beneficial manner.

Council was scheduled to hear a presentation on a possible railroad overpass study. Councilman John Kessler in recent months has renewed a call for exploration of an overpass due to trains at times blocking all railroad crossings in town. Among his concerns is the inability of emergency vehicles to quickly get across the tracks in case of fire or other problems in the area east of the railroad including the downtown.

The proposed study of railroad crossing alternatives would look at three main locations, all north of Main Street, identified as follows:  Park Avenue; a new alignment between Hyattsville Road and Third Street near the DAP facility; and a new alignment north of the DAP facility, according to a proposal that was going to be outlined in a council work session.

The proposed study cost was $6,500