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Written by Matt Clevenger   
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 00:00

Residents on Maynard Drive were surprised by an unexpected visitor recently, when a lost deer somehow found its way into the Bellview apartment complex.

Photos show what appears to be a medium-sized doe that wondered into a back yard on Maynard Drive a few weeks ago. Although the animal left without incident on its own, the sighting is evidence that a large herd often seen in the wooded areas north of town may be getting bigger and bolder.

“I’ve seen that herd of deer for several years in the north part of town,” Tipp City Parks Superintendent Jim Asher said last week. “They kind of migrate from Lesher Woods back to the woods behind Nova Steel, and sometimes you’ll see them back there north of A.O. Smith’s property too.”

Despite numerous sightings, no one knows for sure exactly how many deer are in the herd. “I’ve seen as many as about 18 of them together, but that was a couple of years ago,” Asher said. “I haven’t seen them all together yet this year, so I really don’t know if the herd has gotten bigger or smaller.”

So far, the animals haven’t been a problem for the city, thanks in part to safety measures like the concrete wall that was erected along I-75 several years ago. “They haven’t really been a problem,” Asher said. “I think most people enjoy seeing them.”

“The best area to find them would be along Don Davis Way and along north Hyatt Street,” he said. “Those are the two best places you can find them, and the best time to see them is in the evening right before it gets dark.”

“Just keep an eye out in the evenings so you don’t hit them,” he added. “They can do quite a bit of damage to your car if you end up hitting one.”

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