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Written by Nancy Bowman   
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 00:00

Tipp City’s updated Fire and EMS station is taking its final shape, at least on paper.
The project plans are nearing completion and should be out to bid in early 2013, City Council was told Monday.
Architects Nestor Melynk and Jim Cicchetti of Mark Schuster Associates Architects gave council an overview of updated plans during its work session.
The estimated price for building construction and updates is around $1.9 million. A review of plans and possible cost savings resulted in around $135,000 in reductions, the architects said.
The building has been designed to take the two departments – the fire now staffed by volunteers and EMS by a combination of volunteers and part time – well into the future.
“We didn’t want to have to come back in 15 years and say we have to renovate, expand again,” Crusey said.
The architects were asked to address several issues such as eliminating a leaking flat roof; accommodating the new taller ladder truck on order; adding showers, sleeping quarters and a day room for EMS personnel on station 24/7; and providing a larger trainingconference room.
The initial plan was to renovate the office/kitchen/training area of the building but, after looking at needs and options, the proposal was changed to remove the existing facilities and build new.
“We were spending a dollar to save a dime,” Melnyk said of the situation that led to the change in plans.
The building includes the original station constructed in 1959 and an addition done in 1978. The fire department’s vehicleswill be in existing bays at the east end of the building, with a new area to built to the west for EMS ambulances
Melynk described the building as“durable, low maintenance, nothing extravagant … keeping in mind it won’t be remodeled in the near future.”
The six sleeping rooms can be converted into bunk areas if there is more EMS staff or the fire department goes to on station staffing. The current building has no sleeping quarters with EMS personnel sleeping on a couch or in a chair.
Although built with the future in mind, nothing in the proposed building will go unused once the project is completed, Melynk said.
The proposed building size remains the same as discussed with council earlier despite the decision to tear out and build new a portion of the building versus the originally planned renovations, Melnyk said.
Several portions of the contract will be submitted as bid alternates, which will allow the city to move forward with that work, if the price is to council’s liking.
The bids will give council a “better understanding” of cost differences, Crusey said.
The rough estimate for the fire/EMS station project in the city capital budget and listings for use of the income tax proceeds was $1.2 million. That estimate came a few years ago and was made to use in a grant request.

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