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Written by Mike Woody   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 04:27

After having written for Tipp City newspapers over the last six years, Mike Woody is preparing to branch out into another form of media with a show on KIT-TV. Premiering in July, the yet to be titled series will feature a wide variety of content, both informative and entertaining in nature.

The KIT-TV board members believe that Woody is a familiar face that can be used to get news to viewers. “Since Woody is kind of a Tipp City icon, we thought people would love to see him out and about,” said KIT-TV Commissioner Wendy Bauder.

Woody is both excited and nervous about being in front of the camera as he’s known for being rather reserved in public. However, his discomfort will be outweighed by his desire to provide quality material that viewers will want to watch every week. His goal is for nobody to want to miss a single episode because they’ll never know what’s going to happen next.

The primary idea was to provide a glimpse of the interviews Woody does for the Tippecanoe Gazette. He however would also like to explore other possibilities such as a Tipp City version of Diners, Drive - Ins and Dives, where a restaurants cook shows how a signature dish is made.  For the audiences viewing pleasure, Woody may also put himself in places where he typically wouldn’t be found such as a belly dance class or fitness center.

His mind overflowing with ideas; Woody would also like to host variations of classic game shows like Family Feud and the Newlywed Game. Woody eventually would also like to find a cast to perform a play he wrote.

“There is more, but I don’t want to tell all of my secrets. And of course for most of my plans to work I’ll need people to participate who are willing to be on camera. They will be the real stars,” said Woody.

Since starting with the Independent Voice in 2006, Woody is very humbled by the acceptance gained from the residents of Tipp City. And like he’s entered their homes each week through the pages of a newspaper, he hopes to add an extra visit via the television.

For the last couple of years, Woody has been interested in developing a show for KIT-TV but has been reluctant about learning how to use the cameras and other equipment. He’s been convinced that it’s not difficult so is ready to finally give it a try.

Stay tuned for details, the schedule for KIT-TV is listed weekly in the Tippecanoe Gazette.


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