The levy committee reached out to some former Tipp Graduates who had stellar academic and athletic careers. Even though these two supporting letters are brief, they are to the point.  Both of these young men had opportunities to be successful in Tipp City Schools and they are lending their support for the upcoming levy. These young men want future students and generations to have the same benefits as they did to pursue their goals.  It's refreshing these young men took their time, while being on Easter break, to praise Tipp Schools and to support this very important levy.

Karen Weber

Tipp City schools provided me an excellent foundation to succeed both academically and athletically at the collegiate level. Special educators throughout my formative years went the extra mile to foster the development of not only myself, but also of my classmates around me. Voting “yes” for this levy affirms our tight-knit communities commitment to keeping these teachers in our school system and allows the youth of Tipp to have the same opportunities that we have always offered here: the ability to pursue excellence in any field.

Grant Koch

Why vote yes?

During my four years at Tippecanoe high school I had the privilege of being part of a school that could provide its students with every opportunity to succeed and express themselves. Extracurricular activities that were offered by the high school were what made the high school community great. From band, to athletics, to theatre, everyone was given an opportunity to take part in something. Without the passing of the upcoming levy many of these opportunities would be at risk for students in the future, and ultimately take away from what makes our high school so great.

Peyton Smith