I am currently a senior at Tippecanoe High School and would like to speak out in support of the upcoming school levy. I have attended Tipp Schools my entire life and I couldn't imagine a better place to grow up, receive an awesome education, and help prepare me for my future.

With the hopeful passage of this levy, our schools will better be able to support our teachers and faculty as well as help fund the multitude of extra curriculars that our school offers. Throughout my time at Tipp, I have had a countless number of incredible teachers. From kindergarten to senior year, not only have they taught me in the classroom but they have invested in my life; they want me to be the best person I can be in all arenas. I am very active in the school and can vouch for many clubs and organizations first hand. I am the President of Student Senate, passionately involved with our Theatre Program, and participate in Spanish Club, and Octagon Club. I have also dipped my feet into five different sports, Model United Nations, FOR Club, and Outdoor Club- all of which I highly recommend.

Tipp City Schools have helped make me who I am, someone that I am really proud to be. Not only do I feel prepared for my future but I am excited; I have plans to attend Miami University and pursue a degree in English Education, I love school so much that I want to stay in it forever. For this, I have not only the schools but the community to thank, I am ever so grateful. Passing this levy is a worthy investment that will grant future students a countless number of incredible opportunities. This upcoming election will be the first that I will be able to vote in and I can't wait to vote “Yes”!

Many thanks,

Olivia Shirley