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Written by Mike Woody   
Friday, 03 January 2014 15:46

Readers are invited to partake in a thrilling adventure through The Wizards Heir, an epic fantasy novel written by J.A (Jan Andrew) Henderson. A 1995 graduate of Tippecanoe High School, Henderson created a whole new world for the story, which is centered on the struggle for power over an ultimate technology, the Stone, and the fallout thereof.

Henderson has always had a love for stories and adventure, which inspired him to give something back to the art form from which he’s gained so much. In addition, The Wizards Heir, formed within him and refused to be ignored. “A great story is like a divine prophecy: it comes to the author it chooses and demands to be written, to shine its truth and beauty into the world, and if it is not answered, it keeps coming back,” said Henderson.

The early drafts of the book were started by Henderson while he was still in Tipp City. He then went on to attend Notre Dame and Purdue, earning both a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Residing in Southern California with a wife and three sons, Henderson works as an aerospace structural analyst. His free time is spent writing and working with the youth ministry LifeTeen.

Beyond the actual writing, to create his own world for The Wizards Heir, Henderson also spent a lot of time developing the background of all the people and places, history and culture of the world.  “In fantasy you have to learn how philosophy and reality come together in detail and how they are discovered. You have to not only know how the world is, but understand how everything came to be and how it all fits together and moves together. Real epic fantasy isn’t simply a matter of making up a world and a system of magic to use as a setting, but of growing and orchestrating a ‘real’ world,” said Henderson.

The scenic landscape within the story are visions that consumed Henderson’s mind for years and it’s his hope that the readers also enjoy witnessing them. Furthermore, it’s his desire that the audience experiences an emotional connection with the story. “I hope that they will feel the pathos and nobility, the craving and aloneness, the desperation, the resolution, the questioning and ultimately the commitment to faith of the characters. I have high hopes for the readers that they will feel the beauty of creation, discover something of themselves, and come away with a renewed love of God and of life,” he said.

A sequel to The Wizards Heir is already in the works and Henderson has several other projects coming along, including a volume of epic poetry, a short book of meditations, a book on economics & justice, a complete theology and a work of science fiction. The progress of Henderson’s projects can be followed on his Facebook page J.A Henderson.

The Wizards of Heir is currently available only as an e-book on Amazon.com. His name on Amazon is J.A.V Henderson.


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