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Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 03 January 2014 15:25

A strategic compensation committee is looking for the best method of paying Tipp City Schools’ staff.

Superintendent John Kronour told the Board of Education in December that he held an initial meeting with the committee recently for general discussion. Among topics, he said, were what motivates people, what is compensation and how compensation is handled in other entities beyond schools.

Staff members asked if the board would have a committee representative. Board member Carla Frame volunteered to represent the board on the committee.

Kronour said a deadline for having an updated compensation system in place has not been set. He said, however, “It would be nice” if a new system could go into effect next school year.

“I told staff I see this as a positive,” Kronour said. “We are interested in something somewhat different than what we have now that allows us to live within our budget while recognizing strong performance.”

Research for the committee’s work includes contacting other districts in the state to learn about their compensation systems.

Board member Kate Johnsen asked if other states are ahead of Ohio in changing teacher compensation. Kronour said some states with performance-based pay with a high percentage of a teacher’s level of pay based on student performance have started to “back off a little” from that approach.

“I don’t know if a lot of research says just because you tie someone’s pay to student performance that it means student performance is going to go up,” Kronour said.

Johnsen added, “I don’t know if pay is the big motivator for teachers.”

Kronour said he doesn’t think a return to a compensation system with steps in pay is of interest to the board.

“We are looking for something as an alternative to that,” he said without eliciting objections from the board.

Some districts have a combination of steps and performance in their pay system. For the steps to kick in, though, the employee has to have a skilled or accomplished rating.

“There are a lot of systems out there. I keep saying over and over to our staff, ‘We have to live within our budget,’ I think our board has been clear: they want to see our teachers compensated, but they want to be able to tie that to some sort of results.” Kronour said.

The strategic compensation committee will meet again in late January or early February.

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