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Written by Sgt. Joe Mauro   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 20:11

Good afternoon troops, it’s time to start Roll Call so take your seat and we’ll get up to date.  Let’s start with an accident on Friday 1 June 2012 at 0806 hours on North Hyatt at Arapaho Trail.  Officer Corey Rismiller investigated the accident in which the suspect vehicle, a green 1998 Pontiac left the scene.  Eventually Rismiller located the driver, Janet M. Tucker age 21 of 1251 West Main St.  Tucker was charged with failure to maintain reasonable control and leaving the scene of an accident. 

At 1301 hours Officer Rismiller was asked by the Miami County Juvenile Court to respond to 437 West Plum St. and pick up Kristian P. Frantom for a probation violation.  Officer Rismiller located the young man and incarcerated him in the West Central Juvenile Detention Facility.

At 1459 hours Officer David Michel was sent to Amokee Pl. on juveniles throwing a Frisbee in the street.  Michel warned the juveniles and their father,

At 1711 an officer spoke with a woman on Revelstoke Ct.  She advised her son was staying with his father while she was on a business trip.  When the boy called her several times stating he needed to get into the house, she learned the father paid for a locksmith to change the locks so the boy could get into the house.  She was referred to her attorney.

At 2019 hours on the 1st of June, Sgt. Marc Basye witnessed a near accident on Kinna at Harmony when a silver 2001 Pontiac Grand Am ran the stop sign, nearly hitting a black Chevy suburban on Harmony.  Basye stopped the vehicle on West Main St at Weller Dr., finding the driver to be Robert E. Harrison age 25 of 1106 Dennison Ave., Dayton. 

Mr. Harrison could not produce an OL or remember his social security number and had trouble with his date of birth.  Finally it was determined that Harrison was under a license suspension.  Harrison’s passenger did not fare any better.  Brian R. Landers age 25 of 547 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton was found to have an active warrant from Dayton PD.  Officer Jeffrey Perilman arrested Landers and found him in possession of marijuana.  A nice set of scales was also located in the vehicle.  Harrison was charged with stop sign and DUS and Landers with drug abuse and placed in the Miami County Jail on the warrant.

At 2153 hours Officer Perilman observed a maroon GMC failing to maintain marked lanes of travel.  Stopping the vehicle on W. Main at 25A, the driver was found to be William J. Gioiello, age 50 of 551 Primrose Ln., Tipp City.  Detecting that Gioiello had been drinking, a Standardized FST was administered.  All six points of the HGN were present.  The one leg stand was stopped by the officer prior to finish.  Mr. Gioiello was placed under arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and transported to TCPD Jail.  His passenger, Danette Gioiello remained with the vehicle (and another Tipp Officer) until friends arrived to give her a ride to the PD.

At the jail, Mr. Gioiello was advised of the required breath test and the results of his refusing.  The test was refused and Gioiello was charged with failing to maintain proper lanes of travel, OVI/Refusal, had his driver’s license confiscated and suspended for one year.  He was released to the friends who were waiting in the lobby with his wife.

At 2231 hours Sgt. Marc Basye and Officer David Michel were dispatched to an attempted suicide on Chestnut Dr.  A man was called to the apartment by her daughter, who lives there with her two children and a male roommate.  Apparently the rommate wrapped a cord around his neck and put a knife to his neck, threatening suicide. 

During the encounter, the roommate also set fire to a trash bag, filling the apartment with smoke.  TCEMS transported him to the hospital and TCFD cleared the smoke from the apartment.  If he is found to be competent, a charge of Arson may be warranted.

On Saturday 2 June 2012 at 0514 hours a man called in a disturbance at his residence on W. Plum St.  He had guests over for the evening but an uninvited guest arrived in an intoxicated state and began pounding on the door wanting inside.  The suspect was looking for his boyfriend and when he did not get into the apartment, he began screaming and kicking vehicles parked in the area.  The boyfriend went out and tried to calm the man down but they began to physically beat on each other.

The suspect and three friends left in a vehicle when the police were called.  Officer Darren Soutar stopped the vehicle a little after 0600 on West Main St. and spoke with the occupants.  They explained the suspect had jumped out of the car and was running around Main St. somewhere. 

The man they were looking for was wearing jeans and no shirt.  At 0637 hours Officer Jeffrey Perilman saw the suspect running down Main St. and ducked into the alley beside Hinders Bar.  Perilman gave chase and confronted him when he ran into some bushes but was blocked by the fence around the small electric substation there. 

When Officer Darren Soutar and Sgt. Eric Burris arrived to assist, they arrested Kiser D. Lovely, age 21 of 1003 Huffman St., Dayton.  Lovely was taken to the TCPD Jail where he was processed for disorderly conduct.  Lovely calmed down enough to be released to his three friends.

On Sunday 2 June 2012 at 1524 hours Officer Tony Smith was dispatched to a domestic dispute on Greensward Dr.  A woman wanted a theft investigation since her daughter-in-law stole some meat off the counter.  She claimed she purchased the meat and set it on the counter and the daughter-in-law took it. 

The daugher-in-law claimed it to be her meat, since it was purchased on her Food Stamp Card.  The woman claims her name is also on the card.  The two are in dispute over who has to pay to feed the 10 children in the residence.  The woman stated she could pay for the food, but then it would eat into her savings, which she needs to save in order to be able to afford to move out of the daughter-in-law's home.  Officer Smith will check with the Food Stamp people when they open to settle who can make purchases on the card.  A report was forwarded to Miami County Children’s Services to check on the welfare of the children.

At 1528 hours Officer David Michel and Sgt. Marc Basye were dispatched to Buckeye Ct. on a domestic dispute.  The officers were met at the door by the two children, one of whom exclaimed, “Were having a bad day.”  From the back of the house the officers could hear heated voices arguing.  In the master bedroom they located the parents arguing and both tugging over a dresser drawer. 

The two adults were separated and it was determined that the husband wanted to live elsewhere until they can get a divorce.  The wife would not let him have his cell phone and laptop, which she had hidden.  She did turn over the items, he gathered some clothing and left.  Both were warned about domestic violence and advised to contact their attorney.

At 1559 hours Sgt. Marc Basye was dispatched to 320 West Main on a disturbance.  Upon arrival the officer found a couple who have been separated for awhile but today went to see a marriage counselor.  The counselor was not in today so the couple left but engaged in a heated argument. 

The husband pulled to the curb and ordered his wife to get out of the car.  She refused, saying just to take her home.  Sgt. Basye decided it was best if he tookthe wife home and the husband could return to Piqua so the situation would not get worse.

On Monday 3 June 2012 at 0546 hours Officer Scott Connor was dispatched to a DV at Beverly Arms Apartments, 415 N. Hyatt St. Apt. 6.  Lisa K. Combs lives at this location.  With Combs was her sister-in-law Laura L. Morgan age 44 and her son Dylan J. Morgan age 19.  The Morgan’s live with his father and her husband Todd D. Morgan age 50 at 890 Stone Ridge Dr., Tipp City.

Earlier Todd became upset with his son Dylan and began to verbally and physically abuse him.  The father shoved and then choked the boy who was able to flee the house, barefoot.  Dylan ran to a friend’s house and was given shelter.  The boy eventually contacted his mother and the two of them came to Todd’s sister’s house where they called the police.  Mrs. Morgan is in fear for her and her son’s safety from what Todd may do to them. 

Officer Connor along with Officer’s Vaughn Atkinson and Corey Rismiller responded to 890 Stone Ridge Dr. and found Todd Morgan and placed him under arrest for domestic violence.  Morgan, who had been drinking, was taken to the TCPD Jail and processed then incarcerated in the Miami County Jail. 

At 2122 hours on the 3rd, Officer Tony Smith and Sgt. Marc Basye went to 115 Kiser Dr.  A previous attempt to locate Jesse O. Pierce and arrest him on a warrant was not successful.  This time Officer Smith could see a man inside matching Pierce’s description.  When Sgt. Basye knocked on the front door, the man jumped off the couch and ran to another part of the house.  Several minutes later, the resident Charles Bond age 48 came to the door and claimed he was in the shower and did not hear the knocking.  Bond was advised why the officers were there and he eventually owned up and admitted Pierce was inside.  Jesse O. Pierce age 43 of 604 Young St., Piqua was arrested and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail.

While arresting Pierce a TCEMS squad had been sent to Rosewood Creek Dr. on a 16 year old male having a panic attack.  The squad was requesting police assistance as the young man was violent, throwing punches and hitting the walls.  Sgt. Basye had to request the assistance of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to respond since both Tipp officers were tied up on the warrant.  The boy was calmed by Sgt. Basye when he was able to respond and taken to the hospital.  Statements were obtained from the EMS personnel and a report forwarded to the boys Probation Officer.

On 11 May 2012 at 1758 hours Sara J. Dillon age 26 of 593 Windridge Pl. Apt. 12 came to the TCPD and reported a theft and assault.  In Ohio when violence is used in a theft offense, it becomes robbery.  Officer Tony Smith was assigned to investigate the Robbery. 

Dillon stated that at around noon she was given $60 by Sharlene E. Battigaglia, age 43 of 633 Bellaire Dr., Tipp City.  Battigaglia asked Dillon to purchase some pills or cocaine for her.  Sara took the money and gave it to a guy named Jacob, who she does not know his last name or address but can get drugs for her.  Jacob never returned with the drugs or money according to Dillon.

At about 1730 hours Dillon was at her Grandmother’s residence, 209 N. Hyatt St. when Battigaglia arrived and demanded the money or the drugs.  Dillon had neither, so Battigaglia grabbed her, punched her in the head, choked Dillon and threw her to the ground.  Battigaglia then took Dillon’s purse, removed a cell phone, bank card, child support credit card, an EBT Food Stamp card and her driver’s license.  Dillon then came in to report the robbery.

Smith contacted Battigaglia who wanted to be charged with theft, not robbery or she would not confess.  After a month of investigation and when Dillon would no longer cooperate with Smith, the case was closed without charges on 4 June 2012.

On Monday 4 June 2012 at 1214 hours Officer Corey Rismiller was dispatched to S. Willow Glen on a 9-1-1 hang up call.  A 12 yoa male wanted to see what would happen if he called and then hung up.  Rismiller’s disposition states, “He found out and won’t be doing that again.”

At 1254 hours Officer Rismiller responded to Beverly Arms Apartments and contacted a woman whose brother was arrested for Domestic Violence when he choked his 19 year old son.  She has filed a CPO against her brother but is still concerned for her life. 

At 1557 hours Officer David Michel checked a vehicle parked at the dead end of Wagon Wheel Rd. which runs along the Great Miami River and the City Park.  Reclining in the seats were two female subjects.  The girls explained they were waiting on someone but would now leave since the person did not show.

At 2129 hours Officer Michel was dispatched to the Beverly Arms Apartments again to speak with the same woman who observed her brother, a passenger in a car that drove through her complex lot.  The complex is actually private property and there is only one way in and the same way out.  Since the SO has yet to serve the CPO on the brother, a charge cannot be filed for violation of the CPO yet.

At 2338 hours on the 4th, Officer Scott Connor was dispatched to a non-injury accident on West Main St. at County Road 25A.  Lucas R. Freels age 19 of 2558 S. Rangeline Rd., Ludlow Falls was cited for failing to yield the right of way when turning left.  Freels struck a vehicle being driven by Emily C. Ranft.

On Tuesday 5 June 2012 at 0327 hours the clerk at the Speedway, 4 North Weller Dr. called in two suspicious people loitering in the lot.  Officer Darren Soutar arrived and checked the people, finding Sara J. Dillon, age 26 of 593 Windridge Pl. Apt. 12 and Russel Atkinson III age 38 of Troy.  Atkinson has 5 previous theft related arrests, 4 convictions according to Miami County Municipal Court Records.  The two were ordered to leave the property.

At 0750 hours Officer Bruce Mancz stopped a vehicle on Northwestedge Dr. at Bellaire.  The driver, Dale Inman age 38 of 770 Arapaho Trail Apt. A, Tipp City was found to be driving under suspension.  Inman was charged with DUS and failure to display license plates/validation sticker. 

At 1541 hours Officer David Michel was dispatched to the TCPD to do a civilian fingerprint.  Jeff McPheron was found to have his Ohio Operator’s License suspended.  Michel confiscated the license and McPheron called for a ride. 

At 1544 hours the clerk at the Circle K gas station called in a theft.  A B/F and a W/F entered the store and wanted to purchase a Verizon prepaid card.  The clerk rang the card up and the black lady wrote a check that was not accepted by the company that approves checks for Circle K.  The suspect placed the card and receipt into her purse and began to write another check.  Both women left without paying and entered a gold 1997 Ford van and fled northbound on 25A.  The clerk was able to obtain the license plate number and believes the women work at the Meijer Distribution Center.  The Officer will obtain the store video and make an investigation.

On 5 June at 1919 hours Sgt. Stephanie Black was on patrol when she observed a white 2006 Chevy on westbound Park Ave. fail to stop completely for the stop sign at N. 4th St.  Stopping the vehicle, the driver Gregory V. Law age 37 of 2009 W. St. Rt. 571, Tipp City advised he did not have a license.  His Miami County Municipal Court Records indicate Law has 2 previous DUS convictions and 2 license violation convictions.  Mr. Law was charged with DUS and stop sign violations. 

The vehicle owned by his parents was towed to TCPD Impound and his mother called to come get her son.  When the mother arrived, she was warned that should the son be found operating a vehicle registered in her name, she will be charged with wrongful entrustment.

On Wednesday 6 June 2012 at 0121 hours Officer Darren Soutar witnessed a woman stumbling in the parking lot of the Shell Gas Station, 1015 W. Main St.  The woman entered a vehicle and pulled out of the lot, entering northbound IR 75. 

Soutar followed and the suspect vehicle entered the right lane going 45 mph in the 65 zone.  The vehicle crossed all three lanes and drove into the left wall lane, still doing only 45 mph.  Officer Soutar stopped the vehicle and found the driver to be Andrea Marie Snider, age 31 of 523 W. Market St., Germantown, Ohio.  Snider was confused, smelled of alcoholic beverage and had slurred speech.  When asked for her driver’s license, she claimed she has Court Ordered Driving Privileges (OL is actually suspended).  She opened the glove box to retrieve the papers and Soutar observed an open bottle of liquor inside.

Officer Scott Connor arrived to assist Soutar and he observed a used syringe inside.  Snider claimed she was coming from her boyfriend’s and was driving home.  She did not know what city she was in and thought it was around 0400 hours.  Soutar returned to his vehicle to turn off the front emergency lights, which is standard when conducting a FST.  When he returned, the liquor bottle was not in the glove box anymore and Snider did not know where it was.

Snider refused to conduct the Standardized Field Sobriety Test and was immediately placed under arrest for OVI and DUS.  The liquor bottle, Montebello Iced Tea Cocktail was located under the passenger seat.  Refusing the breath test as well, Snider was advised her license was suspended for a year, she was charged with OVI/Refusal, DUS and possession of an open container of alcohol.

On 31 May 2012 Sgt. Chris Graham met with Greg Enslen, Frank Scenna and Heather Bailey, representing Tippecanoe Farmer’s Market.  They advised the checkbook showed $3,409 had been written to volunteer Rebecca J. Woodward.  Woodward asked that the checks be written to “Cash” so she could pay the vendors.  It was found that Woodward did not pay the vendors.

Sgt. Graham had Woodward, age 50 of 260 ½ N. 3rd St. come to the Police Station on 4 June where she confessed.  Woodward was charged with a 5th degree felony of theft, processed and booked in our jail. 

At 1325 hours on 6 June 2012 Officer Dan Rittenhouse investigated a burglary on Bellview Ct.  The resident reported a Makarov .380 pistol had been stolen from his apartment.  The case is under investigation.

At 1853 hours Officer David Michel was dispatched to Smith St. to assist the TCEMS on a deceased person.  Upon arrival Michel contacted the First Responder who confirmed that the man had passed on.  The man was last seen alive by his wife at 0900 when she left for work. 

The deceased had heart problems and had complained the evening prior that he was having chest pains but the nitro tablets were helping.  When the wife arrived home from work, she found her husband and called for the squad. 

Sgt. Stephanie Black and Officer Tony Smith responded and assisted David Michel with the investigation.  The coroner released the body to the family as it was determined to be from natural causes.

At 2021 hours Officers Smith, Michel and Sgt. Black were dispatched to a disturbance/fight at 329 W. Elm St.  Upon arrival it was found that Eric M. Staeuble age 52 of 1592 Ashley Pl., Vandalia was the RP/Victim.  Mrs. Lisa K. Staeuble, age 51 of the same address was the other person involved.  Eric was at the Elm St. address, working on a second home the couple had purchased.  His wife arrived and an argument erupted over his being caught with a prostitute in Dayton. 

Lisa grabbed her husband’s shirt and began punching him.  Eric got away and called police.  It was decided that Lisa would return to the house in Vandalia and Eric would stay here for the evening.  Lisa was charged with one count of disorderly conduct.

At 2340 hours Officer Scott Connor saw a gray VW in the Speedway Gas Station, 1000 W. Main St.  The vehicle was occupied by six people when the driver revved the engine, squealed the tires and pulled out of the lot, going eastbound on Main.  Connor stopped the car in front of Hinders and found the driver to be 19 year old Austin S. Bowles of 578 Windridge Pl. Apt. 9, Tipp City.  Mr. Bowles was found to be driving under suspension of his license.  He was cited for the DUS and Reckless Operation of a motor vehicle.  A legal passenger was allowed to drive Bowles vehicle home.  Several decided to walk home.

On Thursday 7 June 2012 at 0140 hours Officer Darren Soutar was driving through City Park when he found a park bench on fire by the basketball court.  Soutar extinguished the fire but did not locate anyone in the park.

At 1119 hours on the 7th, two managers from the Shell Gas Station, 1015 W. Main St. reported receiving telephone messages and texts from an employee they had terminated.  Officer Corey Rismiller responded and listened to the messages and viewed the texts.  Rismiller contacted the former employee Joseph M. Kidder, age 25 of 578 Windridge Pl. Apt. 11, Tipp City. 

Kidder and his wife Randi E. Kidder age 21 had both sent text messages, with one making a threat.  Rismiller contacted Joseph Kidder and warned him that any future incidents would result in charges being filed against him and/or his wife.

On Friday 8 June 2012 at 0021 hours Officer Jeffrey Perilman saw a green 1994 Chevy sitting at the light on West Main at 25A.  When the light turned green, all other traffic cleared the intersection except the Chevy which sat there until Perilman cleared the intersection.  The Chevy then turned right onto northbound 25A and left onto westbound Kerr Rd.  Perilman observed the vehicle had no license plate light illuminating the license plate as required by law.  A traffic stop was made at David Dr.

The driver Andrew E. Gee, age 29 of 1005 Walker St., Troy was very nervous as was his passenger Thomas G. Clark age 20 of 1200 Spruce St., Troy.  Both men denied having any drugs or weapons in the vehicle.  Sgt. Greg Adkins and his partner Gitta responded and Gitta alerted on the vehicle.  Where Gitta alerted, the officers found multiple baggies of marijuana.  Also in the vehicle was a switchblade knife and a small police baton, both hidden from view but readily accessible to either occupant.  Gee was charged with no license plate light, CCW, drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

At 0348 hours Officer Perilman observed a 1997 Buick on West Main at Garber Dr. fail to signal a right turn onto North Garber.  Perilman stopped the vehicle at Warner Dr. and found the driver to be 18 year old Matthew L. Emo of 772 Larch St., Tipp City.  Emo’s passengers were identified as Jonathon M. Perry of 6900 Curtwood, Tipp and Ryan L. Johnson of 985 Todd Ct., both also 18 years of age.

Perilman detected alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and asked Emo to submit to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test.  Emo displayed all 6 points of the HGN and displayed Nystagmus vertically as well.  Emo had glassy eyes and slurred speech.  On the walk and turn Emo stumbled several times, was unable to maintain his foot in the air on the one leg stand.  Mr. Emo was placed under arrest for OVI. 

Sgt. Greg Adkins arrived and assisted Officer Perilman.  Passengers Johnson and Perry also were found to have been drinking.  They were each charged with underage consumption of alcohol.  Sgt. Adkins remained with the vehicle and the two passengers until a ride could come get them.  Perilman took Emo to the TCPD Jail but had to read the BMV 2255 form to him at the scene so Sgt. Adkins could witness it.  There was no other officer on duty to assist Perilman in the jail.

Emo tested .156 % blood alcohol content, and had his license suspended immediately for 90 days.  Emo was also charged with failing to signal a turn, OVI, underage consumption of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia.

That was the second incident this week when both duty officers were making an arrest, there was not enough manpower to handle other calls or duties.

Well troops, that concludes another session of TCPD Roll Call.  This week’s activity seemed to make up for last week’s light activity.  We should be having some range practice here soon, so make time to go out and shoot.  Be careful and kiss those babies when you get home, dismissed.

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