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Written by Sgt. Joe Mauro   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 04:55

Good afternoon troops, come in and get comfortable, it’s time for another TCPD Roll Call.  I want to thank the officers who were able to attend the Police Officer’s Memorial Day Ceremony on 2 May 2012.  Officer Dan Rittenhouse did a great job with the flowers around the memorial, Sgt. Marc Basye, Officers Corey Rismiller, Scott Connor and Adam Grubb with the rest of the Miami County Color Guard did a great job leading the ceremonial walk.  TCPD is well represented by these officers in the Color Guard/Firing Squad. 

Sgt. Sean McKinney (Troy PD) blowing Taps on bugle, Piqua’s Lt. Marcos Rodriguez, Rick Beasley and Randy Petty with the Pipe and Drum band and Megan Osman, a Troy Jr High 8th grader wrote and performed her song “On This Day” made it a very nice ceremony for those who lost their lives on the Thin Blue Line between the good and evil in society.  Former Judge Jeff Wellbaum gave a good speech, and I am sure the survivors of those lost officers felt the emotion in the crowd.

I get maudlin when I think about all those whom I knew over the years who paid the ultimate price, so let’s get on with Roll Call.  On Sunday 27 April 2012 at 1826 hours Lora K. Bauer of 747 Shirley Dr. reported a hit and run accident having occurred earlier in the day.  Bauer was at the Tipp City Library earlier in the day when an unknown vehicle struck her parked car and fleeing the scene without leaving a note or any of the required information.  Which officer is investigating was not on the disposition.  If you saw anyone strike her tan 2002 Mercury, please contact the PD and they will find out which officer you should talk with.

At 2017 hours Officer Tony Smith recovered a set of keys hanging in the door of a car in the parking lot of Voss Honda, 155 South Garber Dr.  Smith contacted a key holder who took possession of the keys.

At 2305 hours on the 27th of April, Officer Vaughn Atkinson was dispatched to a theft in progress.  The clerk at the Circle K, 3519 South County Road 25A reported the theft of 5 packages of Newport Kings cigarettes, valued at $27.15. 

The suspect reached behind the counter and took the cigarettes then walked around inside the store.  When the clerk started getting busy, the man ran out the door and got into a white or silver SUV and fled toward the interstate.  The suspect is described as a white male, 30 to 40, bald, 6’ tall, with tattoos on both arms and a tatt of the sun on the back of his neck.  The store manager will provide Officer Atkinson with a copy of the video surveillance tape.  Any information on the possible identity of the man should be forwarded to Officer Atkinson.

At 2322 hours on the 27th, Officer Tony Smith was dispatched to 16 Pueblo Ct., on a loud music complaint.  Upon arrival Smith contacted the resident, 45 year old Jeff Colbert and warned him for disorderly conduct.  Colbert turned the music down.

At 2353 hours still on the 27th, Officer Tony Smith was dispatched to Hathaway Park on a group of juveniles running around in the park.  Smith located 5 children who claimed to be playing hide and seek.  Smith did FI cards on the five, warned them for curfew, trespassing in the park after closed and the driver of the car for having passengers without having a parent in the car.

At 0109 hours on Monday 28 April 2012 an unnamed officer responded to the area of Elderwood and Aspen on the report of juveniles in the area toilet papering a house.  The officer found no juvy’s or toilet paper.

At 0340 hours on the 28th Officer Jeffrey Perilman found dump trucks parked in the center turn lane on 25A at the Abbot Construction Site, waiting for it to open.  Perilman asked the drivers to turn their parking lights on for safety.

At 1659 hours Officer David Michel was dispatched to the parking lot in front of 585 Windridge on a disturbance.  Upon arrival, Michel found that Robert (Scott) Madewell had come to confront his wife Jennifer Madewell about cheating on him.  The couple has been separated for over a year. 

Mrs. Madewell informed Officer Michel that her husband calls her at work and sends text messages, leaving nasty voicemails.  Mr. Madewell was told not to call his wife at work and the two should get a divorce.

At 2018 hours on the 28th of April, the owner of Pin High Golf Driving Range, 510 South 1st St. reported the theft of services.  Officer Tony Smith responded and spoke with the subject, Thomas D. Cramer III age 22 living at 67 N. Tippecanoe Dr.  Apparently Cramer was picking up loose balls that he had not paid for and was hitting them.  Mr. Cramer was warned to pay for what he hits in the future.

At 2153 hours on the 28th, Officer Tony Smith responded to a residence in Hathaway Village on the report of an 84 year old man with dementia getting physical with his nurse and daughter.  The man was upset over not getting his snack.  The man said he wanted to die and asked Officer Smith to shoot him.  The gentleman was transported to UVMC by TCEMS for evaluation, no charges warranted.

On Tuesday 29 April 2012 at 0150 hours Officer David Michel was dispatched to 845 North Willow Glen on the report of loud music.  Finding the complaint to be true, Officer Michel warned the resident David Dorsey for disorderly conduct.

At 1837 hours on the 29th, Officer Tony Smith was dispatched to a disturbance at South Hyatt St.   Upon arrival, Smith contacted the RP, a 14 year old juvenile on probation who claimed his parents, who he lives with on South 6th St. had been beating and choking him.  It was determined that the juvy was upset with his parents because they would not allow him to stay with his friend, but wanted him to come home and mow the lawn. 

The juvenile was taken back home where he claimed to have thoughts of harming himself.  Juvenile Probation was contacted and they put a PV Hold on the boy and Officer Smith incarcerated him in the Miami County Juvenile Detention Center.

On 30 April at 0144 Sgt. Greg Adkins and his partner Gitta were requested by Vandalia Police for a human track.  10 minutes prior, a male had entered the Speedway Gas Station, 830 East National Rd., Vandalia, jumped the counter, taking cash from the register. The suspect left on foot and VPD set up a solid perimeter. 

Gitta followed a track, which ended at an undisclosed location.  Checking the area surrounding where the track stopped, no other track was picked up by Gitta.  With the track information provided by Gitta and the store video, VPD has information to work.

Back on 28 April, Officer Bruce Mancz saw a dog running loose on Evanston Rd. at IR 75.  Unable to contact the owner of the dog on that day, Officer Mancz and Officer Scott Connor responded to 1170 East Evanston Rd. on 30 April.  The dog’s owner, Brandon L. Sherwood age 30 was home this time and was served a summons to appear on the animal complaint.

On Tuesday 1 May 2012 at 0044 hours Officer Jeffrey Perilman found two females walking on the sidewalk in front of Tipp City United Methodist Church 8 West Main St.  The two women were having a verbal argument.  Officer Perilman determined that the females had just left Tony’s Bar and claimed they were walking to a friend’s house only a block away.  The ladies were FI’d and released with warnings for disorderly conduct. 

The warning must not have been taken seriously because at 0132 hours on the 1st, less than an hour after the two women were FI’d, Officer Perilman was patrolling on northbound Woodlawn Dr. when a southbound white Chevrolet Blazer almost struck a parked car.  Perilman turned on the vehicle and saw that the license plates had expired on the vehicle.  Effecting a traffic stop on Woodlawn and Pinehurst, the vehicle was being driven by Tiffany A. Biggs, age 26 living at 907 Manier Ave., Piqua.  Biggs may have taken her friend Stephanie Morris home, as she lives at 245 Fairlawn Ct., Tipp City which is off Woodlawn Dr. 

Biggs, smelling heavily of alcoholic beverage was asked to perform a Standardized FST.  She refused to cooperate, but admitted, “I know I’m drunk.”  Ms. Biggs was placed under arrest for the OVI and transported to the TCPD Jail.  Due to the State of Ohio issued Intoxilyzer being out of service, a urine sample was collected and will be submitted to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab in Dayton for alcohol/drug screening.  Officer Perilman charged Biggs with OVI, Driving Under Suspension and expired registration.  Should the urine sample come back with a test higher than the per se limit, that additional charge would be filed at that time.

At 0159 hours on 1 May 2012 Sgt. Stephanie Black was dispatched to a 9-1-1 hang-up call at S. 2nd St.  Sgt. Black could hear a man and woman inside the home arguing while she was exiting her patrol vehicle. 

The female half had been drinking and was upset with the male half for conversing with a female on Facebook.  During the argument, a call was placed to 9-1-1 from the residence, but the call was terminated, resulting in the Police response.  Both subjects said they would not have any further words and would go to bed, after being warned for disorderly conduct by Sgt. Black.

At 0715 hours Officer Corey Rismiller responded to a house under construction on Daylilly Way in the Rosewood Creek Subdivision on a theft.  Upon arrival, a man reported that he had left his construction/paint trailer parked in front of the residence overnight.  When Williams arrived for work, the trailer and contents were gone.

Stolen was a black in color King Royal enclosed trailer.  The 6’ x 12’ trailer was valued at $3,000.  The left rear had damage and there was hand prints in paint on the rear doors.  Also missing was the trailers license plate, with a $30 value, a 16’ aluminum ladder valued at $200, a 24’ ladder valued at $300 and the painting equipment inside, valued at over $8,000.  The ladders were hanging on racks on the exterior sides of the trailer.  If you have any information, please contact Officer Rismiller or the Tipp City Police Department.

At 0837 hours on the 1st, Officer Rismiller was dispatched to 761 Comanche Ln. on the report of a resident finding two hand grenades in the dumpster.  Upon arrival, Rismiller saw the grenades and Sgt. Eric Burris and the Tipp City Fire Department responded.  Sgt. Burris requested the Dayton Bomb Squad come to the scene. 

While awaiting the bomb squad, a resident of the apartment building came out to see what the commotion was about.  He informed the officers he had placed the grenades in the dumpster.  The grenades were in his possession for several years and he didn’t want them anymore so he threw them away.  Lairmore said the bottoms of the grenades were hollow and they were dead.  Confirming the grenades were indeed inert, the Bomb Squad was cancelled and the grenades taken by Officer Rismiller for destruction.

Although not illegal to have, should you have any ordinance, explosives, live ammunition around, the police department will come get them and destroy them or have them destroyed. 

Back to Michael Ritchie, who is in the Miami County Jail awaiting trial on Burglary and violation of his CPO against Dawn Moore.  Moore received a letter inside an envelope from an inmate in the Miami County Jail.  Inside the envelope was a letter from Ritchie to Moore, in violation of the CPO again.  Another charge was filed for violation of the CPO against Mr. Ritchie, age 34 of Troy, Ohio by Officer David Michel on 1 May 2012.

On 1 May 2012 at 2103 hours a 9-1-1 hang up call came in at 970 Rosewood Creek.  The dispatcher could hear screaming in the background.  The female caller was asked what the problem was and she responded, “My son is being an idiot.”  The call was terminated by the female.  When the dispatcher called back, the female would not cooperate and hung up again.

Officer Scott Connor was dispatched to the residence on the 9-1-1 hang up and possibly an unruly juvenile.  As we have made multiple arrests on the juvenile at this location as well as at school for violent actions, at least two officers are always dispatched to this residence, resulting in Sgt. Marc Basye also responding. 

Upon arrival the officers made contact with the parents of the juvenile and the mother.  Anne E. Zakkour age 56 advised she was having trouble with her son not obeying her instructions.  She called 9-1-1 not to have an officer respond, but to scare her son into cooperating.  Mrs. Zakkour would not cooperate with Officer Connor as he was asking for her personal information for his report.  Sgt. Basye had to convince Mrs. Zakkour to cooperate with the officer.

After contacting the Municipal Prosecutor, David Caldwell, Officer Connor filed charges of Obstructing Official Business/Justice and another charge of Misuse of the 9-1-1 System.  The juvenile was not charged from this incident.

On Wednesday 2 May 2012 at 0257 hours Officer Jeffrey Perilman was dispatched to 541 South Hyatt St. Apt. F on an assault.  Upon arrival Perilman determined that the resident at this location, Jarod Parker Smith was assaulted by the mother of his child.  The suspect is Farren E. Lafayette age 21 of 25 North Dr., Miamisburg, Ohio.  Lafayette punched Smith in the face.  Lafayette was arrested for Domestic Violence and processed at the Tipp City Police Department before incarceration in the Miami County Jail.

On 2 May at 1010 Officer Bruce Mancz took a report from a resident in the 5500 block of Cassandra Dr.  The victim wished to report a Fraud/Identity Theft having occurred on 29 March 2012 at 1000 hours.  The victim learned that an unsub(s) used his identity to order $1,785.52 worth of merchandise without his authorization. 

On 4 May 2012 at 0529 hours Officer Jeffrey Perilman cited Phillip Hornbeck for driving under suspension.

That concludes another session of Roll Call.  As I write this, I have not received the reports from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.  Unless I can get them and do a Roll Call prior to going to press, I apologize for not having that this week.  Everybody put your gear in the cruiser, put your brain in gear and be careful, you have babies to kiss when you get home, dismissed.

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