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Written by Sgt. Joe Mauro   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 04:53

Since this newspaper is read by residents of Tipp City and the adjoining Townships of Monroe and Bethel, we are going to start reporting the news for the Townships.  I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Miami County Sheriff’s Department.  But having worked as a Tipp City Police for 33 ½ years, I believe I know somewhat how the SO works.  Our reporting systems are the same, as the whole county is on the same system. 

The township reports will read somewhat the same as TCPD Roll Call, but it is not to be taken as the real Roll Call Sessions conducted at the SO’s Training Center.  The SO has a very nice Training Facility adjacent to their range, with a large classroom attached to their Road Room/Exercise/Locker room.  Chief Deputy David Duchak has been working with me to make this possible.  I would also like to thank Lt. Jamie McGlinch and their records clerk Toni. 

At TCPD we have it down to our Record’s Supervisor Mary Jo Cullers as the person who supplies me with the needed information.  She has been invaluable as well as supportive to me.  So here we go with the Sheriff’s Office calls for service.

On Monday 2 April 2012 at 1210 hours Deputy Tina Waymire was dispatched to a disturbance between neighbors at 7430 South County Road 25A, Monroe Township.  Upon arrival Dep. Waymire contacted Brady P. Howard and James R. Woods.  Howard had erected a sign to inform neighbors that Woods’ daughter just got out of prison and was living with Woods.  Howard felt the neighborhood should know who is living in the area.

When Woods arrived home and saw the sign, the two men got into a heated exchange, with verbal threats being claimed to have been made.  A neighbor mowing his lawn across the street witnessed the encounter and said it was verbal only but could not say if any threats were made.  Waymire warned both men for disorderly conduct and asked that the sign be removed to ease the tension.

On 13 April 2012 at 2012 hours Deputy Todd Tennant responded to Olde English Outfitters, 480 East Ginghamsburg Rd. on two suspects having passed bad checks and not making good on them after receiving notice.  

Tenant contacted one of the men, who agreed to return the merchandise and pay any excess (fees).  The other man would not answer so a message was left with him.  If not made good, a first degree misdemeanor charge would be filed.

At 1503 hours a Deputy responded to 3302 Honeysuckle Dr. on a reported menacing complaint.  At 1827 hours the SO returned on a Domestic Violence complaint.  No disposition given.

On Saturday 14 April 2012 at 1322a deputy responded to 3405 Redbud Ln. Apt. B on a criminal damaging complaint.

On 15 April 2012 at 1859 hours a menacing complaint was reported at 570 Kitrina Ave. Apt. 1.

At 1933 hours on the 15th, a DV was reported at 3250 Dogwood Dr.

At 2107 hours on 17 April 2012 a deputy was dispatched to 1375 Ginghamsburg Frederick Rd. on an unruly juvenile.

On Wednesday 18 April 2012 at 0446 hours Deputy Ryan Karn was on West Main St. at Garber Dr. when he observed a car weaving in and out of its lane.  The vehicle was stopped in the parking lot of the Speedway Gas Station, 1000 West Main St. 

When Karn approached the driver, she was lighting a cigarette and had the window rolled up.  When she rolled the window down, an odor of alcoholic beverage came from inside.  When asked for her license and proof of insurance, the woman handed Karn her wallet and said, “It’s in there.”  Karn returned the wallet and asked the driver to get it out. 

She was able to produce her OL but forgot about the POI he had asked for.  The driver identified as Summer Rose Holmes age 30 of 5865 Peters Rd., Tipp City was asked to exit the vehicle.  A Standardized FST was administered and Holmes was placed under arrest for OVI.  Deputy Karn transported Holmes to the Miami County Jail where she was given a breath test resulting in a .114% BAC. 

Holmes was charged with OVI/In excess of the .08% limit, lanes of travel violation and had her license suspended immediately for 90 days. 

At 0551 hours on the 18th a deputy responded to 3318 Tipp Cowlesville Rd. on a criminal damaging complaint.  A Vandalia woman came out of the Tipp Cowlesville address and found the wiper blades on her vehicle were broken off.  She did give the name of a suspect.

At 1152 hours on the 18th, a resident of 3232 Tipp Cowlesville Rd. reported the fraudulent use of his credit card.  Unsub(s) used the RP’s Wright Pat Credit Union card to make purchases online.  A purchase was made at Cabellas for $248.92, a purchase at Shoe Metro of California was for $77.98, and Riddin Jamaica of NY had two purchases, one for $332.73 and the other for $167.61.  Also purchases were made at Register.com for $39.89 and HST for $93.35.  The Ridin Jamaica purchase was made from South Africa. 

On Thursday 19 April 2012 at 0958 hours an employee from PECO Plant 2, 155 Lightner Blvd. reported a theft of Process Equipment property.

At 1753 hours on the 19th Deputy Roberts took a theft of services call at 770 Wisteria Dr.  A resident in that apartment complex observed a subject dump trash in the building’s dumpster.  The witness followed the suspect vehicle to 630 Wisteria.  Deputy Roberts is attempting to contact the suspect.  It is noted that using another’s dumpster or trash is actually considered a theft. 

On Friday 20 April 2012 at 1222 hours Deputy Tina Waymire responded to 7590 Tipp Cowlesville Rd.  The owner of the rental property was reporting a $200 air compressor was stolen when the last tenant move out.  A suspect’s name and information was given to Deputy Waymire.

On Saturday 21 April at 0736 hours a resident at 3345 Ginghamsburg Frederick Rd. reported the theft of a tool box valued at $150.

That concludes the SO reports for Monroe Township for the period of 1 April 2012 to 21 April 2012.  Now we will report the reports for the same period for Bethel Township. 

On Monday 2 April 2012 at 1613 hours a deputy responded to 6705 Bethelville Dr. on a menacing complaint.

At 2315 hours on 4 April 2012 a deputy responded to a disturbance/fight at 5485 South Dayton Brandt. 

On 23 March 2012 Deputy Adam Sweitzer took a theft report at 8750 South 2nd, Tipp City (Bethel Twp.) from Michael F. Couch.  Mr. Couch reported his ex-girlfriend, Kristin L. Hamilton moved out and took his $500 Nikon camera, $215 worth of Lego and Hot Wheel toys and $50 in cash.  On 6 April Deputy Sweitzer was able to make contact with Hamilton. 

Ms. Hamilton did admit she took the camera and pawned it in Dayton.  She intends to replace all the items when she can get them out of the pawn shop.  Deputy Sweitzer contacted the Pawn Shop and they do have the items, however she sold them, not pawned.  With them being sold, the Pawn Shop is now the legal owner and does not have to return the items, so Dayton PD needs to get involved to investigate Hamilton for Receiving Stolen Property.  The Dayton Pawn Detail will be the ones to file charges against Hamilton since they can prove she had possession.

On 7 April 2012 at 0053 hours the SO responded to 6891 US Route 40, Brandt on a DV.

On Friday 13 April 2012 at 0911 hours Deputy Brad Kline responded to a DV call at 6215 Pisgah Rd.  Kline determined that John D. Krull was playing his radio in the kitchen when a female at this residence said it was too loud and turned it down.  Krull turned the radio up again and Jason T. Bailey walked over and unplugged the radio. 

Krull reportedly shoved Bailey into the kitchen island.  Bailey claims he did not escalate the matter since he is under house arrest and would end up in jail.  Deputy Kline could see no visible marks on Bailey so all were warned that further calls may/will end up in arrests being made.

At 2323 hours on the 13th, Deputy Eric Brazel was dispatched to assist the Bethel Township EMS on a reported unresponsive man in a pickup truck.  The truck was parked in the lot of Big Mikes at 8561 South St. Rt. 201.  When Deputy Brazel arrived he found the man sitting on the rear of his truck, talking with the squad.  Deputy smelled alcohol on the man as soon as he approached. 

The squad informed Brazel the man was seated in the driver’s seat, with the keys in the ignition when they arrived.  The clerk at the station said he had pulled in sometime after 2100 hours and parked, going to sleep.  He never did enter to purchase anything although he is a frequent customer.  When she tried to awaken the man, he did not respond so she called 9-1-1. 

Speaking with the man, Deputy Brazel identified him as David R. Moore, age 50 of 1018 Nutmeg Square North, Troy, Ohio.  Mr. Moore stated he just got off work and was tired so pulled in to sleep.  He did admit to drinking whiskey after work but would not say how much he drank.  Conducting a Standardized FST, the man showed all three indicators for Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus.  Unable to perform the one leg stand, Moore would not attempt it further.  Moore was placed under arrest for being in physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

At the Miami County Jail, David Moore refused the state mandated breath test.  Moore was cited with Physical Control.  Checking the Miami County Municipal Court public records on David Moore, I find he has an open case from 15 October 2011 for OVI, had an OVI in 2007 reduced to Failure to Control, has been charged with DUS in 1995, 1998, 1998, 2002, an OVI conviction in 1998, an OVI that went Diversion in 1993, and an OVI in 2009 reduced to being in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.  He also had numerous criminal cases as well. 

If you ever wish to find out somebody’s record, go to the Miami County Municipal Court Website.  Select “Public Access” then put in the name of the person and you will get a list of all cases since computerization.  You can do the same for most every county in the state of Ohio.  A person’s prison records are also online.

On Saturday 14 April 2012 at 2211 hours Deputy David Walker responded to a child abuse report at the Reck Mobile Home Park on Rt. 40 in Bethel.  A Bipolar grandfather reportedly slapped his granddaughter in the face.  The mother did not want her father charged, only the incident documented.

At 0246 hours on 15 April, the SO was dispatched to 6790 Church St., Brandt on a Disturbance/fight.

At 1534 hours on the 15th, Deputy R. Manns responded to 8795 E. St. Rt. 571 on a Breaking and Entering.  The resident there had a barn broken into and had a $200 Briggs and Stratton generator taken, a Toledo Tool valued at $1,000 and $200 worth of copper. 

On 17 April 2012 at 1134 hours Deputy Adam Sweitzer was dispatched to US Rt. 40 at Sullivan Rd. on the report of a man falling down repeatedly.  Upon arrival Deputy Sweitzer found some citizens attending to the man who was bleeding from the mouth and was intoxicated.  The Bethel EMS was requested to respond and attend to Leslie D. Neuhard, age 58 of 2660 US. Rt. 40, Tipp City (Bethel).  Two bottles of Kamchatka Vodka were found on Neuhard.  

The squad transported Neuhard to the Huber Heights Health Center Emergency Room for treatment.  Mr. Neuhard was charged by Sweitzer with Disorderly Conduct and Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol. 

Neuhard and I grew up together on the same street in Northridge and graduated the same year.  Les was a very talented and intelligent person who was in every student play. 

On Wednesday 18 April 2012 at 1002 hours a deputy responded to 6495 Bethelville Rd., New Carlisle on a complaint.  The residents have been finding animal carcass pieces on their property.  This morning they found a deer’s leg under their bedroom window in the flower bed.  The leg had a clean sever at the bone, indicating it had to be done by a human with a cutting instrument then placed there as there was no animal bite marks. 

At 2159 hours on the 18th of April, Lt. Whaley found a vehicle parked in the old cemetery on St. Rt. 202 at Tipp Elizabeth Rd.  The male and female occupants of the vehicle approached on foot and identified themselves to the Lieutenant.  Alyssa M Mercuri and Ian Baldwin were FI’d by Whaley.  Mercuri said she finds cemeteries interesting and cool.  Baldwin eventually admitted he is an artist and was looking to get inspiration for a Rock Album cover he was hired to do.  Both were warned that the cemetery closes at dark and they would be charged with trespassing if it should occur again.

On 19 April 2012 at 1645 hours Deputy Roberts responded to 5591 E. St. Rt. 571 on the theft of $700 worth of copper wire from the driveway.

At 2005 hours on the 19th, a deputy responded to the 8900 block of S. St. RT. 202 on a DV.  A father and daughter were arguing over her being on birth control.  The daughter was upset that the birth control she was on was not the kind she wanted. 

On 20 April 2012 at 1451 hours Lt. Whaley was dispatched to Ross Rd. at St. Rt. 202 on a man in the ditch.  Upon arrival, Whaley found the man was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  He claimed to have just finished his pilgrimage, which he had been on since birth.  The man asked to be taken to a gas station in Huber Heights, so Lt. Whaley obliged him.

On Friday 20 April at 2145 hours Deputy Roberts made a traffic stop of a pickup truck near 2287 Ross Rd.  The vehicle had two men under 21 and one juvenile.  As Roberts approached, he saw two cases of beer in the bed of the truck.  The driver denied ownership, claiming it belonged to a cousin who also owns the truck.  With the beer being cold, it has not been back there for a long time as the driver claimed.  The driver also claimed not to know the name of his cousin who owned the beer and lets him drive the truck. 

Deputy Roberts eventually made contact with the owner of the truck who gave a false name at first, then said that is just a nickname.  He eventually came clean and admitted who he was and that he purchased the beer for his underage cousin to take to a party.  The driver confirmed this to be the truth and his passengers were not a part of the plan.

Roberts charged the driver, Justin A. Baughman with underage possession of beer.  The cousin, Edward A. Colville, age 22 of 114 Helke Rd., Vandalia was charged with Obstructing Justice.  The beer was photographed and destroyed.

On Saturday 21 April 2012 at 1618 hours Deputy Ben Garbig observed a vehicle on Palmer near Bellefontaine Rd. for not displaying a front license plate.  The driver/owner of the VW has a previous arrest on file in Miami County for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  The man identified himself as Connor C. Edmiston, age 21 of 5996 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield, Ohio. 

When Deputy Garbig asked for permission to search the vehicle, Edmiston refused saying, “I just want to get on home, man.”  Seeing marijuana leaves on the floor of the truck, Edmiston was ordered to exit the vehicle and a search was conducted.  Besides the marijuana leaves, Garbig found 3 marijuana pipes, 3 baggies of marijuana, and 2 grinders used to grind marijuana leaves down so it can be smoked.  Edmiston was charged with failing to display the license plate, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. 

Later at 2026 hours Deputy Garbig stopped a green Dodge on Palmer Rd. at Bellefontaine Rd.  He witnessed the vehicle stop well beyond the stop sign, actually in the middle of the intersection.  Garbig used his lights to catch up to the vehicle and when it would not pull over, Garbig activated his siren as well.  The vehicle continued for more than a half mile when the driver suddenly slammed on the brakes and came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road.

Deputy Garbig approached and tapped on the window several times.  The man was attempting unsuccessfully to light a cigarette.  Finally getting his attention, the man rolled down the window and Garbig immediately smelled the alcohol coming from inside.  The man was asked to step out of the vehicle and ignored the Deputies request to not light the cigarette, which he was still attempting to do unsuccessfully. 

The driver identified himself as 48 year old Michael J. Kauflin of 5488 Florton Ave., Huber Heights.  Kauflin admitted having drunk two or three at the VFW in New Carlisle and was on his way home.  Dep. Garbig conducted a Standardized FST, but Kauflin was unable to focus on the stimulus with his eyes enough to perform more than 2 of the 3 parts.  Kauflin refused to do the one leg stand and failed at the attempt to perform the walk heel to toe. 

Michael J. Kauflin was arrested for OVI and asked to provide a breath sample.  The test resulted in a .242% BAC.  Kauflin had his driving privileges suspended immediately for 90 days, was charged with OVI in excess of .17% and the stop sign violation.  The breath test had to be administered at Troy PD since the machines at the SO and Tipp City were out of service. 

The one main difference between TCPD Roll Call and the Sheriff’s Office reports are that I only list one deputy going to the domestics or fights.  As with all departments in the County, at least two officers are dispatched, but the reports from the SO only list the Reporting Officer.  Where the Tipp City reports I get list the Reporting Officer as well as any other responding officers or those who render assistance in the case. 

This first report from the Sheriff’s Office is a little long, as it consists of 21 days worth of calls.  Hopefully I will be able to report them on a weekly basis, the same as I do for Tipp City.  With that, kiss your babies, dismissed.

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