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Homicide on Scarff Rd. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 October 2014 14:15

What started out as a missing persons report became a homicide investigation.

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Tipp City Police - January 15, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sgt. Joe Mauro   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:21

Hello troops, time for roll call.  The good thing about retirement is that during our cold snap this past week, I did not have to leave the house.  I do want to thank Jerry Gee and the guy’s at the Tipp Electric Department for all the hard work they put in.  I noticed Jerry had on multiple layers of winter clothing but I could still recognize him.  I had just told the wife that our power hasn’t gone off for quite a few years as we have underground electricity.  A few hours later, our power goes off.  It actually went off because the Tipp Electric crew had to pull our fuse at the feeder to repair other lines that went down.  We were only down for about 90 minutes when they put us back on line.  Thanks Jerry.  Now let’s get started.

Friday 3 January 2014
At 1546 hours Officer Grubb responded the ADCO Corporation, 65 West Kessler Cowlesville Rd. on a criminal damaging.  Unsub(s) had punched the lock on a company owned 2012 GMC truck parked in the lot.  Apparently nothing was taken.  I have found over the years that when the perps carry the equipment to quickly punch a lock, they are intending to steal the vehicle or take something very valuable inside.  

Saturday 4 January 2014
At 0403 hours Officer Hunt responded to an apartment building on Windridge.  A neighbor on the first floor was complaining about a neighbor on one of the two floors above who plays music and cleans all night long.  Officer Hunt was unable to locate the offender.

At 0853 hours Officer Michel investigated a road rage incident.  The RP advised she was behind a white Dodge truck that was having trouble with the icy roads and was fishtailing on eastbound West Main.  The RP advised she did not want to be behind the truck so she passed it and was able to get back in front of it at Rohrer.

The driver of the truck then passed her and cut her off at Hyatt St.  As the two vehicles continued east on Main the truck was using both lanes and stopped to prevent the RP from going further.  The male driver of the truck then got out of his vehicle and while shouting, gesturing and approaching the RP she drove onto the sidewalk and passed the truck.  Calling 9-1-1 the RP was instructed to drive to the Tipp City Police Station which she did.

With the license plate number, Officer Michel was able to contact the owner who admitted to being the driver.  The driver came to the police department to discuss the incident with Officer Michel.  He admitted he got angry when the RP passed him only to cut in front of him.  He was charged with disorderly conduct and given a summons to appear in Miami County Municipal Court.

At 2055 Officer Smith was dispatched to McDonalds Restaurant, 127 South Garber Dr. on a man in blue 2002 Mercury Sable with an open container of beer.  Officer Smith arrived in time to see the Mercury leaving and going north on South Garber Dr.

Observing a lane violation, Smith stopped the vehicle and found the driver to actually two open containers of Busch Lite beer in the vehicle.  He was able to pass the Standardized Field Sobriety Test so was not charged with OVI but did receive a citation for open container of alcohol in a public place.

At 2146 hours Officer Creech responded to a domestic disturbance in the 800 block of Heartwood Ct.  The intoxicated 26 year old male was at his father’s apartment but was causing problems.  The subject is not allowed to drink at his father’s but was refusing to leave. A brother arrived to take the subject to their mother’s home but it was found that he was under a license suspension.  Another family member arrived and transported the brothers to their mom’s.

At 2342 hours Officer Smith was dispatched to Windridge Pl. to the third floor on what sounded like a physical fight.  Upon arrival Smith could hear shouting from inside the apartment and knocked on the door.  The door was opened by a dog that ran out.  Seated on the couch was Byron L. Smith age 30 formerly of Richmond, In. and now living here.

Byron Smith greeted Officer Smith with, “Hey, how are you?  Come on in.”  Officer Smith immediately saw marijuana bongs, pipes and marijuana on a coffee table in front of Byron Smith.  A 75 gallon fish tank had been pulled off the stand and was smashed on the floor.

As Officer Smith was talking with Byron Smith, Jamie L. Swafford age 35 walked into the room and immediately shouted at Officer Smith, “What are you doing in here.  You have no right to come in here so get out.”  Informed that Byron Smith invited him in and he already saw the drugs and paraphernalia in plain sight when the door opened, he did have a right to be here.

It was determined that the two had argued and Swafford pulled the fish tank onto the floor.  Bryon Smith claimed ownership of the drugs and paraphernalia.  Byron Smith was charged with possession of drugs of abuse and possession of paraphernalia.  Smith was also arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to the Montgomery County Jail.  Ms. Swafford was charged with disorderly conduct and given a summons to appear.

In Miami County Municipal Court Byron L. Smith has domestic violence x 3, obstructing official business x 2, disorderly conduct x 5, child abuse/endangering x 1, open container of alcohol x 5, criminal trespassing x3, intimidation of an attorney/witness in a criminal case x 2, DUS x 5, felonious assault x 1, trafficking in drugs x 1 and theft x 2.

Jamie L. Swafford has history with the Miami County Court for assault x 1 and complicity to commit a crime x 2.

Sunday 5 January 2014
At 0053 hours Officer Creech was advised of an OVI driver at the Wendy’s Drive Through window.  The vehicle was gone on arrival.

At 1156 hours Officer Grubb was dispatched to the 400 block of North 4th St. on a domestic disturbance.  The 24 year old female RP advised she and her babies daddy were still living together but only for the sake of the children.  This morning the couple argued and as she left for work he began throwing some of her personal items out into the driveway.  The 26 year old male threw a water bottle at her, as well as a bra and scarf.

The RP did not want charges filed, she only wanted the man’s childish behavior to stop so when she returns home it is not trashed.  The man was warned for domestic violence.

At 1454 hours Officer Grubb responded to Dustin Court on the report of a garage door having been egged overnight.

At 1648 hours Officer Michel responded to 1485 Commerce Park Dr. on a continuing dispute of which last week charges were filed for telecommunications harassment.  This week unsub(s) broke out an office window.  

Thursday 2 January 2014
This is a report filed after the weekend and did not make last week’s Roll Call.  At 0730 hours Officer Soutar observed a vehicle driven by a subject who had an active warrant for his arrest in Miami County.  Stopping the vehicle, the warrant was confirmed and the driver was incarcerated in the Miami County Jail.

Monday 6 January 2014
During the cold snap Tipp City PD investigated 7 accidents, 3 parked vehicles struck with the offending violator leaving the scene, a reported water main break that turned out to be water from rain puddling and not draining off before it froze.

At 2259 hours Sergeant Black, Officer Perilman, Officer Connor and the Tipp City Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 31 West Walnut St.  The home of Mark Elrod and family received serious damage but all the family and pets were able to escape injury.

The Elrod’s spent the rest of the evening with local family and the American Red Cross was to contact them the next day.

While fighting the fire, the TCFD responded to Springmeade on a CO alarm and Dap on a fire alarm.  

Tuesday 7 January 2014
The TCFD responded to the Kettering Health Sports Center in the Tipp Plaza on broken water pipes.  The FD was able to shut the water off.

Another call came in on broken water pipes at Tipp City Foodtown, Officer Perilman found that the manager was able to shut down the water prior to his arrival and disregarded the fire department.

Wednesday 8 January 2014
At 0927 hours Officer Michel responded to the apartment complex at 541 South Hyatt St. to do a welfare check for UVMC Crisis.  Crisis wanted the female checked as she may be in an abusive relationship.  Officer Michel spoke with the woman who said she was fine and did not need help.

At 0930 hours Officer Mancz met with a South 5th St. victim at the Police Station as she reported unsub(s) using her credit card to purchase items at Amazon.com.

At 1902 hours Officer Creech responded to the CVS Pharmacy, 914 W. Main St. on a suicidal man.  The 41 year old Greenville man walked into the store, picked up a bottle of CVS brand Tylenol 500 mg. and took the whole bottle of 100 pills.  The man then tried to leave the store but passed out in the doorway.  Officer Creech went with TCEMS to pink slip the man for a 72 hours psychological evaluation.  Greenville PD was notified that the man was at UVMC and when he is ready to be released, they may want to send an officer to arrest him on their warrant.

Thursday 9 January 2014
At 0309 hours Sgt. Basye was advised by dispatch of a brown or maroon 2012 Chrysler southbound on 75 from the 81 mm all over the road.  Sgt. Basye took a point of observation at the 69 mm and fell in behind when the vehicle passed him.

With the suspect vehicle in the middle lane, as it approached the 68 exit, the vehicle abruptly exited without signal and made a hard turn onto westbound Main St.  The vehicle was stopped between Weller and Kinna.

The driver had the odor of alcoholic beverage, red and glassy eyes.  While speaking with Sgt. Basye the man mumbled, was confused and slurred his words.  Displaying all 6 of 6 clues on the HGN, failing the SFST Michael T. Griffith age 47 of Washington Court House was arrested for OVI and taken to TCPD Jail for processing.  Read BMV 2255 Griffith supplied a breath sample resulting in a .139% BAC.  Griffith was charged with OVI/in excess of the per se level of .08%, the lane violation and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail.

At 1300 hours Officers Michel and Grubb were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in progress in the  600 block of Whispering Pines.  Upon arrival the officers met with Michael B. Poling age 24 of 665 N. Hyatt St., Apt. E.  Present also was the RP, Poling’s mother and her husband, the victim.

Poling stated the previous evening his stepfather (victim) came to his apartment to bring his medications.  Polling believes he took his marijuana pipes when he left.  Poling came over to his parents today to confront them.  The two men argued and the mother said it was getting out of hand so she was calling the police.  Poling grabbed the phone from his mother’s hands when his step-father applied a bear hug on his step son.  A full blown fight ensued and Poling kicked his step-father in the stomach and punched him in the head twice.

Poling was placed under arrest for domestic violence, taken to the TCPD Jail for processing then incarcerated in the Miami County Jail.

In Miami County Court Records, Michael B. Poling has history as an adult for disorderly conduct x 1, telecommunications harassment x 2, forgery x 1, cultivating marijuana > 100 grams. X 1 and still pending, theft x 3, DUS x 1, offenses involving underage persons x 1, complicity x 1 and carrying a concealed weapon x 1.

At 1849 hours Officer Creech was dispatched to Donn Davis Way near 25A on an injured deer.  Creech had to put the deer down and turn the carcass over to the next on the list.  While doing this, another motorist stopped and informed Officer Creech he had just struck a deer on Donn Davis but the deer ran off into the woods.

At 2027 hours Officer Smith responded to a disturbance/trespassing in the 700 block of Cheyenne Pl.  The RP advised Gabrial Michael Musick age 36 was highly intoxicated and refusing to leave her apartment.  Musick was found to have an active warrant for his arrest for resisting arrest and was placed under arrest by Smith.

An often used tactic by prisoners is to claim having a heart attack in order to go to the hospital.  Musick claimed he was thinking about suicide and asked Officer Smith to shoot him.  Smith had no choice but to pink slip Musick for a 72 hour evaluation.  The hospital security was advised to call when Musick is ready to be released and he will be taken to the Miami County Jail at that time.

Gabrial M. Musick has history in Miami County Municipal Court for resisting arrest, wrongful entrustment of a motor vehicle to an unlicensed driver x 2, furnishing false information to a police officer, DUS, No OL, possession of drugs of abuse, possession of drug of abuse paraphernalia and fishing without a license.

I hear cold snap number two is on its way, so stay warm.  Everybody dismissed.

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Miami County Sheriff - January 15, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sgt. Joe Mauro   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:18

Hello troops, time for the SO roll call so listen up.  This week we will start in western Tipp City.

Monroe Township
Friday 3 January 2014

At 0700 hours Deputy Walker responded to Troy Ford, 3230 S. Co. Rd. 25A on a theft investigation.  Overnight unsub(s) entered the property and took 48 wheels and tires off 12 new vehicles parked in the lot.  Each of the vehicles was left sitting on cinder blocks taken from the area under construction.

Sunday 5 January 2014
At 2208 hours Deputies Sweeny and Tennant were dispatched to a domestic violence in progress in the  6000 block of Marjean Dr.  Present was the mother and step-father as well as the mother’s 18 year old daughter.

Apparently the daughter claims she accidentally damaged the drywall behind the front door as she left.  When she returned home, her step-father asked her how she was going to fix the damage.  An argument got heated and the step-father made a derogatory comment about her personal habits, which cannot be printed or described in this publication.

The daughter then slapped the step-father in the face.  According to the daughter, that is when he grabbed her in a choke hold, breaking a chain around her neck.  She was able to get away from her step-father and he tackled her with her biting his arm in response.  The daughter was placed under arrest for domestic violence and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail.

Tuesday 7 January 2014
Deputy Sweitzer was dispatched to the Olde English Outfitters at 480 East Ginghamsburg Rd. to do a bad check investigation.

Wednesday 8 January 2014
Deputy Boyer responded to the 1200 block of Shoop Rd. on a theft of jewelry.  The RP advised she had several contractors and painters in her home between 16 November 2013 and 18 November 2013.  After the home remodeling was finished, the RP found jewelry missing from a bedroom closet.

Bethel Township
Monday 6 January 2014

At 1446 hours Deputy Leininger was dispatched to a criminal trespassing/criminal damaging in progress at the Sunshine Mobile Home Park 6205 US Rt. 40.  Upon arrival Leininger met with the property owner.

The property owner advised a vehicle drove through his yard causing tire ruts to the sod.  The vehicle was stuck and the occupants were still inside.  Dep. Leininger approached the vehicle and found a man and woman who admitted to having been driving a 4 wheeler in the field adjacent to the MHP when they got stuck.  They left and returned with another vehicle, intending to drive into the field from the Park when that vehicle also got stuck in the mud.

The subjects admitted causing the damage and said they would pay for any damages.  The property owner was contacted and he was fine with the arrangement but wanted a police report on the matter.

Wednesday 8 January 2014
At 1835 hours Deputy Carter made a traffic stop on a red Pontiac Grand Prix on St. Rt. 201 just north of St. Rt. 571 for an equipment violation.  The passenger was Kody J. Williams age 21 of 8010 E. St. Rt. 41, Troy, Ohio.

Williams was found to be in possession of both marijuana and hashish.  Mr. Williams was arrested and given a summons to appear on both charges.  Kody J. Williams has history in Miami County Municipal Court for disorderly conduct x 1, violating a protection order x 5, theft x 2 and domestic violence x 1.

Thursday 9 January 2014
At 0734 hours Deputies Waymire and Adams were dispatched to an accident involving an injured deer on Studebaker Rd. at St. Rt. 202.  Dep. Adams had to put the injured deer down.  The carcass was given to the next person on the deer kill list.

With deer being hit all over the county this week, please be extra observant for deer crossing the roadway from either side of the road as you travel.  Driving is a full time job.  Everyone dismissed.

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Park Advisory Board Pursuing Pet Memorial Garden PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:16

Tipp City’s Park Advisory Board indicated Monday it wants to pursue establishing a pet memorial garden at the entrance to the Kyle Park Dog Park.

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Walters Receives Treatment In Lieu of Conviction PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:15

A Miami County judge has approved a former sheriff’s deputy’s request for treatment in lieu of conviction of a theft-related offense.

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Township Salt Use Up This Winter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:14

Bethel Township road crews have used about 100 tons of salt so far this winter compared to 100 tons used all last winter season, township Administrator Andy Ehrhart said late last week.

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Bethel School Board Selects Officers, Sets Pay PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:13

Joe Solch was elected president of the Bethel Board of Education and Scott Lawson was elected vice president during the board organizational meeting Jan. 8.

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City to Buy New Cruiser for Police Chief PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:11

The purchase of a new vehicle for the Tipp City police chief is in the works.

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Parent Charged in Coach Assault Wants Trial PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Bowman   
Friday, 14 March 2014 05:10

A Bethel schools’ parent charged with misdemeanor assault in an alleged altercation with the varsity football coach wants a Miami County jury to hear the evidence against him.

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