A Troy man convicted last year in two child rape cases is seeking to appeal to Ohio’s 2nd District Court of Appeals.

Thomas Contento, 49, pleaded guilty to three rape charges in Miami County Common 

Pleas Court and was sentenced in August to 18 years in prison.

The cases involved two  girls under age 13 in cases dating to 1994. A third victim, now living out of state, asked for dismissal of charges unless proceeding with that case was needed to protect other individuals, Paul Watkins, assistant county prosecutor, said last year.

In seeking to appeal, Contento claims he was not represented properly by both a hired lawyer and a court appoint lawyer and that his sentence did not comply with sentencing guidelines at the time of the alleged offenses.

Contento is asking the court to allow a delayed appeal. He claims in the filing that he was not able to obtain needed information and documents to meet the 30-day appeal deadline.