Warren Davidson of Troy was sworn in today for his second term as Ohio’s 8th District Representative to the House of Representatives. His term will last for the duration of the 115th Congress until January 3, 2019.

For his first week in Congress, Rep. Davidson will vote to reign in government regulations, support our ally Israel, and ensure accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Rep. Davidson released the following statement:

“With a new Congress comes new possibilities for bringing about the much-needed changes for Americans. For too long now, they have been crushed under burdensome regulations, rising healthcare costs, and a stagnant economy. I am honored that the people of the 8th District have entrusted me with the responsibility of representing them. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House of Representatives to restore Constitutional principles to our nation and bring back prosperity. I am especially pleased we started with our first policy vote to ensure accountability at the VA. We have many priorities and challenges ahead but it is a fitting first vote.”