One of the stops during the fall attic tour of the Tipp downtown was the Simply Soaps store.  Abby Kessler Bowling and I were the only ones in our group that remembered a variety store being in that building.  She remembered they had a wide variety of games and toys in the upstairs.  The picture is of a rubber doll that I saved my allowance for.  The box says it cost 79 cents.  For someone who got a 10 cents a week allowance, that was a lot.  I still have this doll and all of her paper clothes and accessories.

The store was owned by Arthur and Florence Judd and would have been in existence probably in the late 40's.  At the museum, we have a lot of information on this building, known by most people today as the Wampler Building, as it housed Wampler Plumbing for many years.  What we don't have is the name, or any other information, about the store when the Judd's owned it.  If you have any information or stories about the store or the family, stop by the museum or call Gordon or Susie.

The Tippecanoe Historical Museum is located on the southeast corner of Third and Walnut.  It will be open Wednesdays 2-4 and Saturdays 10-12 through the winter, weather permitting.  And by appointment when needed.  If the weather is questionable you might want to call ahead to be sure it is going to be open.  For further information call Gordon at 667-3051 or Susie at 698-6798.