A new annual tradition for the holiday season started on Friday, Dec. 2 at the Fire/EMS Station. Kindergartners from Nevin Coppock visited the fire station to decorate a Christmas tree. Smiles spread like wildfire and could not be put out as the children saw the once barren tree get filled with their handmade decorations.

It was the idea of EMS Chief Jeff Calicoat to involve the teachers and kindergartners to make ornaments, which he plans to continue every year. “It’s a good tradition and a way to get them familiar with the fire station and to meet us to see that we aren’t scary. When they normally see us, they are sick and get scared,” said Calicoat.

It’s the first time a Christmas tree has been put up at the station and the kindergartners were excited by the opportunity to decorate it. Each class made their own type of ornament so there would be a variety of different decorations. Firefighters/paramedics were on hand to aid the students that wanted to hang their ornaments high on the tree.

As a reward for their hard work and creativity, the kindergartners were served cookies and punch.