A Miami County judge Nov. 17 approved a continued medical furlough for a former Bethel Twp. man charged with rape with the stipulations he reside with his mother and have no contact with the alleged victim or any child.

Gary W. Grubb, 51, whose address now is listed as Xenia, was granted medical furlough from the Miami County Jail in October. The furlough was due to medical needs and surgery at an area hospital, according to court documents.

Grubb was being held in the county jail awaiting trial on a felony count of rape for alleged sexual contact with a person under age 13 between September and December 2011. He has pleaded not guilty and was being held on $450,000 bail.

Judge Jeannine Pratt scheduled the Nov. 17 hearing in Common Pleas Court.

She had approved the medical furlough and sought more information on whether Grubb could be returned to confinement. Grubb appeared in court in a neck brace and seated in a wheelchair.

Paul Watkins, assistant county prosecutor, said jail administrators told him that the facility could not accommodate Grubb’s needs for a special bed and other care at this time.

He asked to review documentation from medical professionals regarding Grubb’s condition and treatment.

Watkins said he had to balance the medical care needed with the seriousness of the offense Grubb faces and the need to protect the public safety.

Grubb agreed to sign a release for review of his medical records.

Defense lawyer Mike Brush said the defense would work to ensure prosecutors received information needed.

Pratt approved the continued medical release with conditions he reside with his mother in Xenia and have no contact of any kind with any juvenile. Another court hearing was scheduled for Nov. 29.