Lily pads and frogs greeted the nine young ladies and one young man as they walked onto the stage.   Dare Officer Dan Rittenhouse was the MC for the evening and interviewed each of the contestants.   Describing their costumes, talking about their pets or shyly staring brought chuckles from parents and friends. Asked if her rabbit Stella could talk what would she say, Addyson Lange replied “Hello”. Jocylyn Stegner knew the most famous person had to be Mickey Mouse.


Contestants sitting on their lily pads and content with a bag of goodies watched as Jarod Ragan was crowned Little Mr Mum and Jocelyn Stegner Little Miss Mum.


The 2015 contestants were

Addyson Lange (6 years old), daughter of J. Michael and Mellissa Lange of Tipp City

Abbie Snipes (6 years old), daughter of Bryan and Shannon Snipes of Tipp City

Audrey Gilleland (5 years old), daughter of Eli and Nicole Gilleland of Tipp City

Jarod Ragan (age 5) son of Donald and Amy Ragan of Tipp City

Alicia Judge (age 4), daughter of Dave and Tara Judge of Tipp City (Tara [Trick] was Little Miss Mum 1986)

Leigh-Ellen Sue Fullen (age 4), daughter of Rev. Daniel and Heather Fullen of Tipp City

Isabel Eichhorn (age 7), daughter of Russel and Rebecca Eichhorn of Troy

Avery June Austin (age 5), daughter of Zach and Amanda Austin of Troy

Isabella A. White (age 6), daughter of Ashley White of Tipp City

Jocelyn Stegner (age 5), daughter of Chris and Amanda Stegner of Tipp City


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