Like Albert Einstein with the Theory of Relativity, Matt Lieber created his own equation, laughter + activity = learning, which he uses in his classroom at L.T Ball. In his first year as part of the Tipp City district, Lieber has already seen that the Theory of Lieber is making a positive difference in the education of his fifth grade students.


In his teachings of Math and Social Studies, Lieber makes every effort to keep the students both mentally and physically engaged. Rather than have them spend the entire class period in their seats, while he lectures, Lieber prefers to find ways to keep the students mobile. “I like to incorporate lots of movement and hands on activities to keep their interest levels up. I also use humor a lot. I believe that using humor can greatly increase the sense of community in a classroom as well as enhance the students’ willingness to learn,” said Lieber.


After eight years teaching for Vandalia Butler City Schools, where Lieber taught fourth grade Math & Social Studies for seven years and seventh grade Math for one year, he’s thrilled to be in Tipp City. The expectations he set for the district were met and the fellow teachers have been very welcoming. “I had heart great things about Tipp City and now I’m living it. The staff has been great with sharing ideas and they have really carried me through this first month,” he said.


The decision to be a teacher was influenced by Lieber’s mother, who also taught. He wanted to follow in her footsteps by making a difference in the lives of others. “She set a good example by always going above and beyond for her students,” said Lieber.


There are many joys that Lieber experiences as a teacher, but the biggest is when confirmation is received that a student has benefited from his teachings. Now that Lieber has taught for eight years, he’s able to see how some of the students from his early years have grown up. “The best is when former students come back and say what I have meant to them,” said Lieber. “Nothing beats that.”


A graduate of The Ohio State University, with his bachelors and Masters, Lieber follows the Buckeyes in all sports and is also a diehard fan of the Reds and Browns. Lieber has been married to his wife, Janel, for eight years and they have two children; Madilyn, who is five, and Michael, who is two. They are also expecting a third child in March.


The importance of family is stressed by Lieber at home and in the classroom. “I believe in getting parents involved and one of the great things about Tipp is that the parents care about their child’s education,” he said.



He hopes the Theory of Lieber proves to be successful for generations of students while Lieber continues his teaching career in Tipp City.