At the November 22, 2016 meeting of the Bethel Township Trustees, the trustees authorized a payment of $1,000,000 to Milcon Concrete Inc for the Phoneton Water Project. The trustees approved the expenditure at a prior meeting; however, the current resolution approves direct payment to Milcon without the necessity of approving each individual payment.

In addition, the trustees approve cost of living raises to the Bethel Township fulltime employees at the rate of $50 per pay period.

In regular business, the trustees approve a payment of $7,410 to Access Engineering for work to date for the design of the Phoneton Water project.

For the Fire Department, Township Administrator Andy Ehrhart reported that the fire department made 42 runs between October 22, 2016 and November 18, 2016. Twenty -seven of the calls were for emergency medical services. Three calls were for vehicle accidents without injury, while three were for vehicle accidents with injuries.

For Zoning and Planning, Marty Caskey reported that there were seven zoning applications requested and granted. There were three request for additions to residences at 7285 S. Palmer, 6365 at SR 202, and 6476 US 40. In addition, requests were made for the replacement of a pole barn at 8130 Flick and 4365 US 40 and signs at 855 SR 20and 7490 SR 201.

A zoning amendment has been requested to rezone 10.024 acres at 5700 SR 571 from A-2 General Agriculture to A-1 Domestic Agriculture. The request also   included a request to split off a 4.03 parcel. The Zoning Board will meet in December to hear the case.

The Bethel Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet on December 13, 2016 at7:00 p.m. in the township meeting room.