REGAL in Tipp City was host of the annual Philanthropy Day celebration on Tuesday, November 15th.  Every year, the Miami County Chambers of Commerce along with the Non-Profit Council take the time to recognize a non-profit organization, an exceptional teen in the community, along with a corporation the exemplifies excellence in philanthropy within Miami County.

Cheryl Bender, Executive Director at DreamBuilders and the Clubhouse program in Tipp City, spoke about the important partnerships and generous community relationships that allow her to continue her mission of helping children of all ages.

Claire Heathery, from Tipp City, is a Senior at Tipp City Schools. She spoke about her engagement in organizations, including the Clubhouse program, that have taught her extensive leadership skills and provided her with an appreciation for community, diversity and pride in her life.

Erik Nordquist, Vice President at REGAL in Tipp City, shared ways his company has given back to the community for many many years. It has always been part of the culture and philosophy of the REGAL & A.O. Smith company to be engaged in philanthropic opportunities all the time. At the end of the program, both Bender and Heatherly were presented with a financial donation from the employees at REGAL toward each of their missions of giving back.

Other speakers at the event included: Liz Sonnanstine, director of the Tipp City Chamber, Heather Bailey, president of the Tipp City Area Community Foundations, Joe Gibson, President Tipp City Council and Kathi Roetter, director of the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce. The event was very well attended with representatives from businesses and non-profits all over the Miami County area.